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How to make a cutting programme on Wire cut EDM?

How to make a Cutting Programme on Wire Cut EDM machine?

1.     Making a drawing with CAXA (CAD), like a circle.

Wire Cut EDM machine programming

2.     Trajectory generation,

Wire EDM machine

2.1 You need to set cut parameter as following picture, and then click OK.

Wire EDM TW032

(Note: If you choose Automatic compensation and set Offset value<0.1-0.105mm> here, do not set it at the Code convert any more. Otherwise, please do not set Offset value here, just set it at the Code convert. )

2.2 Choose the cutting direction by click any arrow as following:

High quality Wire EDM machine

2.3  Choose the offset direction by clicking any arrow as following:

EDM wire

2.4  The Circle Trajectory is generated now.

3.     3B Code generation and save the 3B code file by renaming it.

Molybdenum wire EDM machine

3.1 Save the 3B code file to your computer by naming it.

Wire cut EDM machine

3.2 3B code file as following:

EDM wire

EDM machine

(Please choose Compact instruction format for the new machine first time usage as following):

4.     Enter File Manage → Load file,( above renamed 3B code file)

Small hole EDM machine

4.1 Choose the file from the computer

Sinker EDM machine

5.     Code Convert interface will automatically open. Click Code Convert and Exit buttons.

Latest wire EDM

(Note: each time, you must click “Code Convert” and “Exit” buttons when this window appears).

6.     Set the E code according to your work piece requirement, and click “Change” button.

Good quality EDM machine

7.     Click the button “ Start F9” to Simulate the programming or cut it.

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