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How to solve the worse surface on WEDM?

How to solve the worse surface on WEDM?


1. Question:

After cutting, sometime we find that the cutting surface is not good, like some striations. How to solve this problem?


2. Answer:


There are some suggestions to get a better surface:

1.     Select the suitable parameters.

The parameters are the most important reason influence the cutting speed, the surface finishing and the cutting condition. You should choose the correct parameters according to the material of the workpiece, thickness of the workpiece and the cutting result you want.

1.) Pon means the machining time. If Pon is larger, the machining speed is faster, and roughness is worse.

2.) Poff means the time for the water to dash the metal chips out between the two machining times. So if Poff is larger, the machining speed is lower but the roughness is better.

3.) IP means the number of the Pulse. If IP is larger, the current is larger and the machining speed is faster, however the roughness is worse and it is easier for the wire to be broken at the same time.

You can choose suitable parameter from our database.


2. Tension the wire.

The experience of the operators influences the finishing. Good experience operator knows how to make the wire good tension.

Please check the wire tension after 5~8 hours cutting. It should keep tension. If the wire loose, the finishing will be worse.

5. Mix the working solution with a suitable ratio (the coolant).

Coolant is very important for EDM wire cut, it used for chips remove, clearing and conductive.

1) Choose better working solution. If the working solution is not good, there are lots of impurities, which will influence the surface finishing.

2) Change new working solution. After 1~2 months using, the working solution will become dirty, there are lots of chips, so you need to change new working solutions.


6. If you want good surface finishing, you can use multi-pass function ( 3 times cutting)


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